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Residents Demand More Luxury New York Condos and the City Listens
New Yorkers want the luxury and prestige of living in a mansion with the convenience of the city at their doorstep. With luxury New York condos, the people get exactly what they want. NYC is known for being a pedestrian-friendly city, so luxury condo owners can walk to jobs downtown or take the MTA.
As the demand for luxury New York condos increases, new developments of high-end, chic condos, lofts, and hotel-condos continue to pop up around town. Many historical brownstones, …

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Condo Market In New York

New York Condo Market & Neighborhood Information
Searching for New York condos should be an exciting and fun experience, but it can turn into a hassle without the right New York condo professionals. At CondoDomain New York we have specialized knowledge about New York condos and each of the diverse neighborhoods in the New York area. Let us help you search & find the condos that fits your needs. Contact us to talk to a condo team member about our extensive New York condo listings, new condo developments and open house …

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Stylish Manhattan Retreats

Buying a condo on the Upper East Side?
What amenities are you looking for before you settle into your new condo?
Main residence or a metropolitan second home, everyone seems to be looking for the same things… convenience, class, and couture. Sometimes we want a penthouse with an interior that reminds us of our country homes, and other times we may be looking for a full floor residency that is the complete opposite of our Villa in St.Barts… Whatever the case somewhere in Manhattan is the perfect Condo or Co-op for everyone! …

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Big Bang Theory Actor Buys 36 Gramercy Park East

Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory has officially bought a luxury condo at 36 Gramercy Park. The asking price on the 911-square-foot two bedrooms and one bath condo was $1.975 million.
But Parsons and his partner, Todd Alan Spiewak, apparently bought the condo for $1.822 million. Broker Ryan Serhant told the New York Observer, “It’s a phenomenal two-bedroom in the condo on Gramercy Park…it was hardly even on the market.”
The building was made in 1908, and a feature to owning a condo in this Gothic construction includes a key …

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Growing Chinese Investment in New York City

According to a new report from the New York Times this past week, Chinese banks are behind some major deals in the luxury real estate sector in New York City; contributing over one billion dollars in loans last year alone. These investors mean business and they’re working throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and beyond.
According to The Observer, “Mr. Hu represents the Chinese investors who have beat a steady march to iconic New York properties recently.”
But you won’t see much about Chinese investors in the media. They are strictly business. Managing director …

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Occupy Wall Street Made NYC the Center of the World Again

With its insistent rally cry, “We are the 99 per cent!”, the Occupy Wall Street movement reverberated throughout the world, inspiring Occupy movements in every major (and not so major) metropolitan area in the United States and the world. It inspired parodies and spin-offs, and a fair share of jokes and marketing campaigns tried to capitalize on the not so capitalist friendly movement that began in Zucotti Park, the small square of trees and benches just two blocks from Wall Street surrounded by the high rises that were once the …

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Sleep No More Still Shocking in Chelsea

Sleep No More has been a huge hit in New York City for those in the know. Set in the fictional McKitterick Hotel, this exprimental play is theater with a twist–instead of the audience sitting still and observing the action, they must wander through the five stories of the large McKitterick Hotel, where they can explore to their hearts content. Different rooms are filled with children’s toys, old furniture, scrapbooks, cut up Bibles, and various other exotic and obscure regalia mostly from the early twentieth century.
The production company has taken …

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Luxury Market Still Strong

The upscale real estate market in New York City has more than survived the financial downturn–it is thriving. According to a new article in The Wall Street Journal, prices in the luxury property market continue to rise thanks to a number of high-profile deals in the past year. Commenting on the story, The Real Deal notes that luxury properties in the city are being snapped up at such a fast rate that “the market has begun to perform as well as it did during the market’s peak”.
There are a number of reasons …

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