Building Of The Week: One Fifth Avenue

One Fifth Avenue has been mentioned so much to me lately, that I finally decided to finally blog about it. I first discovered the building when I went to a friend’s birthday party at Otto Enoteca, which is Mario Batali’s cool pizza/wine bar located in the street level. I also read about the building in a memoir titled, “Portrait of An Addict As A Young Man” by Bill Clegg. The character, a successful literary agent, was happily residing in this building until he gave into the dark world of his intense drug addiction. It is also the title Candace Bushnell’s book titled “One Fifth Avenue” in which she dishes on the glamorous lives of New Yorkers living at this fabulous downtown address.

One of my favorite parts of this building is the location of Greenwich Village. The building is centrally located in Downtown Manhattan and it is what I like to call the continential divide of Manhattan. This is where Fifth Avenue divides East and West Manhattan. You are also ideally located right off Washington Square Park, and as you enter the building you get the best views of the parks famous triumphal arch.

The building was originally built in 1927 and has the beautiful art deco charm. Streeteasy has shows that there are two units currently available for sale. The first is for $1.85 million and the second for $4.1 million. The first one is on the 9th floor and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms. The second is on the 13th floor with 3 bedrooms, three bathrooms. I recommend checking them out.

If you are interested in buying a condo and are interested in living in this building or in any other building in the Greenwich Village area, please check out the CondoDomain MLS Search. We would be more than happy to help.

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