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Occupy Wall Street Made NYC the Center of the World Again

With its insistent rally cry, “We are the 99 per cent!”, the Occupy Wall Street movement reverberated throughout the world, inspiring Occupy movements in every major (and not so major) metropolitan area in the United States and the world. It inspired parodies and spin-offs, and a fair share of jokes and marketing campaigns tried to capitalize on the not so capitalist friendly movement that began in Zucotti Park, the small square of trees and benches just two blocks from Wall Street surrounded by the high rises that were once the …

Luxury Market Still Strong

The upscale real estate market in New York City has more than survived the financial downturn–it is thriving. According to a new article in The Wall Street Journal, prices in the luxury property market continue to rise thanks to a number of high-profile deals in the past year. Commenting on the story, The Real Deal notes that luxury properties in the city are being snapped up at such a fast rate that “the market has begun to perform as well as it did during the market’s peak”.
There are a number of reasons …

135 Bowery: The Limits of Preservation

One of the joys of New York City–arguably, its greatest joy–is the architecture. The pastiche of old and new, skyscrapers and tenement houses, brownstones and glass and steel condos all give the city its diverse landscape and a flavor for every taste. I, for one, am a big fan of the tenement style apartments that are easily found in the Lower East Side, East Village, and Hell’s Kitchen, where this architectural style truly shines alongside modern architectural masterpieces by famous designers.
Despite my nostalgic affections, even I cannot support the preservation …

Celebrity Homes in NYC

Richard Belzer

The New York Daily News has just announced that “Law & Order’s” Richard Belzer’s apartment is on the market for a low $2.9 million. The Daily News speculates that this may be because Richard Belzer and his wife are spending more time in their villa in southern France, leaving them less motivation to keep their four bedroom pied-a-terre at 60 Riverside Drive. The property is gorgeous, with a west-facing balcony overlooking the Hudson and an ensuite master bathroom, as well as traditional finishes throughout.
There seems to be a rash of celebrity homes …

We’re All Shook Up

New York City

Unlike our west coast compatriots, we New Yorkers are not used to earthquakes, so the recent 5.8 tremor from Virginia has shocked a lot of city dwellers. However, it’s also been a great source of amusement for California transplants used to much bigger shakes than what we got. I, for one, was on the subway at the time so didn’t feel any shaking besides what’s normal for our–ahem–colorful public transport system.

With their typical cynical humor, many New Yorkers are already making fun of their response to the quake, which is …

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Manhattan Valley Leads Strong Sales Uptown

The WSJ is reporting something that most New York real estate agents have known for a while: sales are strong, inventories are down, and prices are going up in Uptown Manhattan. After the sale of West 109th Street, a building of 40 rent-controlled units that has had a number of management issues in recent years, it seems that investors are ready and willing to take the plunge in the rental market uptown.
This isn’t surprising at all. Some investors have shied away from uptown, because the rest of Manhattan has seen higher …

Wall Street 2 Penthouse Sold for $15 Million

wall street 2 penthouse_0

The subprime lending crisis of 2008 changed everyone’s lives; arguably, it will be the greatest financial disaster of our lifetimes. The impact on the housing market, the job market, government solvency, international business sentiment, the stock market, and the financial industry has been greater than a nuclear fallout. So great and so dramatic was the disaster that Oliver Stone effortlessly resurrected his diabolical Gordon Gekko in a reprisal in a sequel to the original Wall Street.
I liked Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, even if it had the eminently annoying Shia …

Tunnel Boring Machine Laid to Rest


The NYC subway and rail system is one of the oldest in the world, but it is still expanding. A new tunnel has just been completed into Grand Central Station that will bring Long Island Railrod (LIRR) lines into the station. Beginning in 2007, this project has been a painstaking process of burrowing into the rock beneath Manhattan with the help of two 200-ton, 22-foot-tall tunnel boring machines.

The machines are so big and the process is so laborious that the machines themselves are extremely worn by the end of the project–so …

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