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Luxury Market Still Strong

The upscale real estate market in New York City has more than survived the financial downturn–it is thriving. According to a new article in The Wall Street Journal, prices in the luxury property market continue to rise thanks to a number of high-profile deals in the past year. Commenting on the story, The Real Deal notes that luxury properties in the city are being snapped up at such a fast rate that “the market has begun to perform as well as it did during the market’s peak”.
There are a number of reasons …

4 Great Gardens of NYC: Urban Escape

Cloisters - New York Condo Loft for NYC Condos & Lofts

Sometimes the city life gets to be a bit too much and some time is needed to step away from it all. That’s why we’ve found four gardens in New York City that are close enough to home that you won’t have to do much traveling, but enchanting enough to help you feel like you’ve left the City.

The Cloisters Museum and Gardens are thirty minutes from Midtown, but feels like a step back into time. It’s location is Fort Tryon Park at the top of a grassy hill. This medieval backdrop has been …

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