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Sleep No More Still Shocking in Chelsea

Sleep No More has been a huge hit in New York City for those in the know. Set in the fictional McKitterick Hotel, this exprimental play is theater with a twist–instead of the audience sitting still and observing the action, they must wander through the five stories of the large McKitterick Hotel, where they can explore to their hearts content. Different rooms are filled with children’s toys, old furniture, scrapbooks, cut up Bibles, and various other exotic and obscure regalia mostly from the early twentieth century.
The production company has taken …

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The High Line Refurbishment

NPR has broadcast a glowing story about the High Line park in Chelsea, including some very interesting and little-known facts about the place alongside historical photos that demonstrate just how much the park has changed the atmosphere of the neighborhood.
One such fact that blew me away was the figures; the park took over $100 million in private donations to renovate the space, which has probably increased the property values in the area enough to raise nearly half a billion dollars in property taxes for the city. Such an increase in …

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High Line Park already drawing more development?

I’ve already written about the developments on the west side of Manhattan. The newest park on the island is continuing to expand. High Line provides a lush walkway for amblers who want to wander up and down Soho and Chelsea while taking in views of the Hudson and the downtown skyline. It’s fast becoming one of my favorite spots in the city.
It seems that it’s becoming a favorite of developers, too. Curbed is reporting that a new development may be in the pipeline at 11th and 23rd street (the area pictured …

A Tour of Current NYC Museum Exhibitions

For those looking for a cultural experience, there’s always a New York City museum that offers changing exhibitions to surprise and wow the visitor. New York City has some of the greatest museums in the world and they’re only a short distance from just about any neighborhood.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is easily one of the best known places to see a diverse display of artwork from all over the world. Sections in the museum include Asian, African, and British art amongst others. Currently, the museum is offering exhibits for …

The High Life at the High Line

Last week, The High Line opened Phase 2 of this ambitious new project, and New Yorkers are already celebrating. This is the newest park to come to Manhattan, and as a modern development, it is a highly experimental project and celbrates the quirky mix of urban architecture and daring landscaping that has made Manhattan the envy of the world.
So what is The High Line? To call it a park is to miss the uniqueness of this project. It is a public lounge, art space, public garden, walkway, fountain, plaza, and …

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Looking Up

The cautious word about town is that the New York City real estate market may be revitalized. “No, it’s not like the wild days of 2007,” admits Katherine Dykstra of the New York Post, “when dozens of new-construction buildings dotted much of the city.” And it cannot be denied that many of the buildings resulting from that boom remain largely vacant. But available units are now beginning to sell, and new development, stagnant for the last few years, seems to be swinging back into action.
The elegant Ladies Mile building at …

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That’s Mr. Cammeyer to You

Would you rather live at 650 Sixth Avenue, 50 West 20th Street, or The Cammeyer? Before you answer – they’re all the same building. This 1892 Ladies Mile monolith, traditionally identified by its Sixth Avenue address, has recently become The Cammeyer (which used to be the name of a shoe store on the premises), which is evidently thought by someone to be most appealing.
Toward the end of 2010, it was reported that more than 50% of the available units in The Cammeyer had been sold – a marked improvement over …

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Vintage New York Real Estate Listings

If you love living in New York, you probably have several automatic responses when friends outside the city comment on how expensive it is to live here. “Yes,” you might patiently tell them, “but remember, you save a lot of money by not needing a car.” Or: “Yes, but after all, it is the center of the known universe.” We happily eschew savings, forego vacations, and cram our lives into tiny rooms, just because we want to be a part of it.
I used to think that if I had a …

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