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Occupy Wall Street Made NYC the Center of the World Again

With its insistent rally cry, “We are the 99 per cent!”, the Occupy Wall Street movement reverberated throughout the world, inspiring Occupy movements in every major (and not so major) metropolitan area in the United States and the world. It inspired parodies and spin-offs, and a fair share of jokes and marketing campaigns tried to capitalize on the not so capitalist friendly movement that began in Zucotti Park, the small square of trees and benches just two blocks from Wall Street surrounded by the high rises that were once the …

Another Downtown Development

While the WTC construction site is still ongoing, new projects around the area are being planned or constructed. The interest in downtown Manhattan is not surprising; for the past couple of decades, the center of the city has really moved from Midtown to Soho (for living), Chelsea (for playing), and the downtown area encompassing the southern tip of the island (for working). Smart developers have been taking advantage of the few vacant lots and buildings ready for demolition in southern Manhattan to offer the public more living options.
Downtown is a …

Retailing Deal in the Pipeline at the World Trade Center

The construction standstill at Ground Zero has become the stuff of legend. The WTC has faced a mountain of red tape since it was first constructed, and the rebuilding effort has faced a similar uphill battle. New Yorkers were skeptical at the news from a couple of weeks ago that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has started negotiations with The Westfield Group to finalize an agreement from 2008 to develop retail spaces at the World Trade Center site. Westfield is a large international conglomerate, with interests in shopping centers …

What’s in a Name (or a Neighborhood)?

Every so often, we receive breaking news of a so-called “new New York City neighborhood.” In recent decades, we’ve been asked to add TriBeCa (the “triangle below Canal Street”), NoHo (“north of Houston Street,” modeled on the forty-year-old designation of SoHo, “south of Houston Street”), and even DUMBO (“down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass,” believe it or not) to our local lexicons. Even more recently, there have been attempts to brand NoLita (“north of Little Italy”), CanDo (“Canal Street downtown”), and BoHo (“Bowery south of Houston Street,” whose nickname at …

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The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Ah, what is it about Manhattan? What makes this particular island so enchanting? Is it the borough’s status as a cultural and economic center? Its unparalleled ethnic diversity? The inspiring peaks of its epic towers? Well, maybe all of this has something to do with it, but if you had to boil it down to essentials, what really makes Manhattan special is its geology.
That’s right, Operator – geology. Surveying the city today, we behold what appears to be a manufactured environment; it’s hard to believe an indifferent thing like the …

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When It Snow’s In New York…Be Prepared

It was another snow day here in New York City, and I don’t know if you noticed but the day was a perfect for heading to New York public parks for some fun in the snow. Minus the transit troubles, the city was beautiful. Just check out my friend Gillian’s view outside her balcony on East 89th Street, a tree line shot right to Central Park:

If you are a new comer to New York, or you are planning to buy a new condo in the area, here are some tips …

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Hot Air

Central Park, December 2010

Given the wintry mixes with which our city has been battered in recent weeks, it seems a good time to discuss heat, both literal and figurative.
First: Is there any area of New York that is not at least occasionally referred to as one of “New York’s hottest neighborhoods?” Google that phrase, and among copious results you’ll be told that the city’s hottest include Alphabet City, Astoria, Allerton, Arden Heights, and Annadale — and that’s just the As. Some neighborhoods, like Greenwich Village, Soho, and Tribeca, have been referred to as “one …

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HGTV Urban Oasis Winner Is A 21-Year Old Floridian

Curbed NY recently reported the winner of the HGTV Urban Oasis this past week. The winner is a 21-year old Floridian student by the name of Adam Venckauskas, and yes we are all a little jealous. I do wonder how he is going to pay his monthly payments as a student? Good luck non-the-less.
This awesome prize, which I blogged about back in September, is a condo in the amazing Downtown W Hotel and Residences. It boasted spectacular views, killer design, and great ammenities.
There are plenty of units still available in …

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