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Occupy Wall Street Made NYC the Center of the World Again

With its insistent rally cry, “We are the 99 per cent!”, the Occupy Wall Street movement reverberated throughout the world, inspiring Occupy movements in every major (and not so major) metropolitan area in the United States and the world. It inspired parodies and spin-offs, and a fair share of jokes and marketing campaigns tried to capitalize on the not so capitalist friendly movement that began in Zucotti Park, the small square of trees and benches just two blocks from Wall Street surrounded by the high rises that were once the …

Cornell University is Coming to Roosevelt Island

A new Cornell University campus has promised to be an economic jolt to New York City. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that the new campus will bring high-tech jobs to New York City and make the city more innovative and attractive to domestic and foreign investment.
Residents are largely mixed on the impact that the new campus will have on the city, but there is no doubt that it will transform a little known piece of the city. Roosevelt Island has been chosen as the spot for the …

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Quest for the Perfect Pasta in the West Village

Despite the thin actress’s physique, Sarah Jessica Parker has begun a search for the best pasta in the city.
For ravioli, she has already found the place–Gradisca, in the West Village on 13th street between 6th and 7th. The actress told the New York Times that the eatery’s ravioli “is absolutely gorgeous. It is light as air. I always tell people to go visit Gradisca because I think it’s such a surprise.”
She’s also fond of the restaurant’s pasta carbonara, which she calls “beautiful” with its perfect balance of bacon, cheese, olive …

The Seaport Museum Saved by The Museum of the City of New York

The Seaport Museum’s history is one that showcases its survival through tough times thanks to the tenacity of New York City residents. According to the New York Times, this museum is once again in desperate need of help. This time, it gained support from an unlikely source: another museum.
Recently, the Museum of the City of New York made a deal to take over the Seaport Museum with the help of a two million dollar grant. The grant comes from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

It’s no surprise that the Seaport Museum …

135 Bowery: The Limits of Preservation

One of the joys of New York City–arguably, its greatest joy–is the architecture. The pastiche of old and new, skyscrapers and tenement houses, brownstones and glass and steel condos all give the city its diverse landscape and a flavor for every taste. I, for one, am a big fan of the tenement style apartments that are easily found in the Lower East Side, East Village, and Hell’s Kitchen, where this architectural style truly shines alongside modern architectural masterpieces by famous designers.
Despite my nostalgic affections, even I cannot support the preservation …

Borat Becomes The Dictator on Kent Avenue

Sacha Baron Cohen, famous for the shock-comedy movies Borat and Brüno, has been filming a new movie entitled The Dictator in Brooklyn for some time now, and a new tenement-style apartment facade (or is it the back? I’m not sure) has popped up on Kent Avenue on the waterfront, reports The Gothamist.

There’s no word on how long it will be there, so it’d be a good idea to go visit sooner rather than later. While you’re there, you can also see how much Williamsburg has changed. An area once known for …

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