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Stylish Manhattan Retreats

Buying a condo on the Upper East Side?
What amenities are you looking for before you settle into your new condo?
Main residence or a metropolitan second home, everyone seems to be looking for the same things… convenience, class, and couture. Sometimes we want a penthouse with an interior that reminds us of our country homes, and other times we may be looking for a full floor residency that is the complete opposite of our Villa in St.Barts… Whatever the case somewhere in Manhattan is the perfect Condo or Co-op for everyone! …

Sleep No More Still Shocking in Chelsea

Sleep No More has been a huge hit in New York City for those in the know. Set in the fictional McKitterick Hotel, this exprimental play is theater with a twist–instead of the audience sitting still and observing the action, they must wander through the five stories of the large McKitterick Hotel, where they can explore to their hearts content. Different rooms are filled with children’s toys, old furniture, scrapbooks, cut up Bibles, and various other exotic and obscure regalia mostly from the early twentieth century.
The production company has taken …

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Luxury Market Still Strong

The upscale real estate market in New York City has more than survived the financial downturn–it is thriving. According to a new article in The Wall Street Journal, prices in the luxury property market continue to rise thanks to a number of high-profile deals in the past year. Commenting on the story, The Real Deal notes that luxury properties in the city are being snapped up at such a fast rate that “the market has begun to perform as well as it did during the market’s peak”.
There are a number of reasons …

New Modern Hotel Coming to Williamsburg

Gizmodo has posted several beautiful pictures of a new hotel that will be next to the Williamsburg Savings Bank and near the Williamsburg Bridge. The location is ideal for some stunning views of Manhattan.
Williamsburg has been a trendy hotspot in the city for a while, so it is no surprise that an ultra luxury spot will be gracing the once grimy and now edgy hipster enclave. Designed by Oppenheim Architecture, the new building will extend over 400 feet into the sky, but it will remain svelte with a 16-foot deep …

The Treat of the Triangle Below Canal

Responding to “Where are you from?” with New York City always raises an eyebrow.  Responding to “What part of the city are you in?” with Tribeca raises both eyebrows and usually causes a step back.  Some of the city’s best, and definitely the city’s coolest residents, restaurants, bars, events, hotels, and businesses make their home west of Broadway, and south of Canal.

Looking past the dropped jaws of tourists wandering through from Chinatown when they spot the likes of Ed Burns, Michael Imperioli, Jessica Alba and more, Tribeca is a neighborhood …

Views from High Line Park

NPR has broadcast a glowing story about the High Line park in Chelsea, including some very interesting and little-known facts about the place alongside historical photos that demonstrate just how much the park has changed the atmosphere of the neighborhood.
One such fact that blew me away was the figures; the park took over $100 million in private donations to renovate the space, which has probably increased the property values in the area enough to raise nearly half a billion dollars in property taxes for the city. Such an increase in value …

Celebrity Homes in NYC

Richard Belzer

The New York Daily News has just announced that “Law & Order’s” Richard Belzer’s apartment is on the market for a low $2.9 million. The Daily News speculates that this may be because Richard Belzer and his wife are spending more time in their villa in southern France, leaving them less motivation to keep their four bedroom pied-a-terre at 60 Riverside Drive. The property is gorgeous, with a west-facing balcony overlooking the Hudson and an ensuite master bathroom, as well as traditional finishes throughout.
There seems to be a rash of celebrity homes …

We’re All Shook Up

New York City

Unlike our west coast compatriots, we New Yorkers are not used to earthquakes, so the recent 5.8 tremor from Virginia has shocked a lot of city dwellers. However, it’s also been a great source of amusement for California transplants used to much bigger shakes than what we got. I, for one, was on the subway at the time so didn’t feel any shaking besides what’s normal for our–ahem–colorful public transport system.

With their typical cynical humor, many New Yorkers are already making fun of their response to the quake, which is …

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