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Pure Luxury – New York Condos


Residents Demand More Luxury New York Condos and the City Listens
New Yorkers want the luxury and prestige of living in a mansion with the convenience of the city at their doorstep. With luxury New York condos, the people get exactly what they want. NYC is known for being a pedestrian-friendly city, so luxury condo owners can walk to jobs downtown or take the MTA.
As the demand for luxury New York condos increases, new developments of high-end, chic condos, lofts, and hotel-condos continue to pop up around town. Many historical brownstones, …

Stylish Manhattan Retreats

Buying a condo on the Upper East Side?
What amenities are you looking for before you settle into your new condo?
Main residence or a metropolitan second home, everyone seems to be looking for the same things… convenience, class, and couture. Sometimes we want a penthouse with an interior that reminds us of our country homes, and other times we may be looking for a full floor residency that is the complete opposite of our Villa in St.Barts… Whatever the case somewhere in Manhattan is the perfect Condo or Co-op for everyone! …

First Day on the Market, 4BR in the Azure Sells

The Azure NYC Penthouse

Brokers have announced the sale of a four bedroom almost-penthouse in the Azure, a newish condo building on the northern end of the Upper East Side. This sale is of personal interest to me, because I live near the building and walk past it a few times a week.

The Azure was completed in 2008 at a very unfortunate time, and has since been slightly discounted to reflect the nationwide recession (okay–who are we kidding? Worldwide recession). Since Manhattan prices are starting to inch up, and the local economy has recovered …

The Changing Faces of 113 E. 90th Street


I have waxed lyrical about Upper East Side townhouses before. The area has preserved a number of classical, European-inspired homes from the pre-war and inter-war periods that have been cherished throughout the decades. It’s not unusual for these buildings to change shape and purpose over time, with each permutation being another chapter in the building’s history.
Developments at 113 E. 90th street have been particularly newsworthy, because the property had been the home of the Allan Stone Gallery for the past 16 years. The gallery had been a stunning space full of …

The Novogratz Design Empire

New York Condo Loft for NY's Condos and Lofts

Rob and Cortney Novogratz have done it all. They have a successful design firm, written a book, they’ve had a show on Bravo called 9 By Design, and now they’re back with another hit show on HGTV called Home By Novogratz. Rob and Cortney have single-handedly built a design empire while raising their seven kids in the City.
And while they’re always fixing up other people’s homes; they have also managed to rebuild and redesign their current home in NoHo. The six-story townhouse which was a gun store in its past …

NYC Rental Market Exploding

The New York Daily News is reporting something that every New Yorker already knew: the rent is too damn high. The rent has been too damn high for a while now–but that shouldn’t surprise anyone with a basic understanding of economics. Manhattan is a rather small island, only 22.96 square miles in area. 1.32 square miles of that is reserved for Central Park, leaving barely more than 20 square miles for all of the houses, shops, hospitals, schools, roads, rail lines, and offices that a city needs to function. Early on in …

High Line Park already drawing more development?

I’ve already written about the developments on the west side of Manhattan. The newest park on the island is continuing to expand. High Line provides a lush walkway for amblers who want to wander up and down Soho and Chelsea while taking in views of the Hudson and the downtown skyline. It’s fast becoming one of my favorite spots in the city.
It seems that it’s becoming a favorite of developers, too. Curbed is reporting that a new development may be in the pipeline at 11th and 23rd street (the area pictured …

Plaza Hotel condos sell for $19 million


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that two adjacent condos in the Plaza Hotel were sold for $19 million, which will certainly be yet another boon to the luxury real estate market in NYC, which has experienced quite the surge in recent weeks. WSJ is reporting that the buyer is Barbara Garza, a director of Mexican bottler Coca-Cola Femsa, in a deal that closed last week after a rather short negotiating period.
What’s surprising about the sale is that the previous buyer had purchased the two units just four years ago. In 2007, …

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