Cornell University is Coming to Roosevelt Island

A new Cornell University campus has promised to be an economic jolt to New York City. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that the new campus will bring high-tech jobs to New York City and make the city more innovative and attractive to domestic and foreign investment.
Residents are largely mixed on the impact that the new campus will have on the city, but there is no doubt that it will transform a little known piece of the city. Roosevelt Island has been chosen as the spot for the …

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New Modern Hotel Coming to Williamsburg

Gizmodo has posted several beautiful pictures of a new hotel that will be next to the Williamsburg Savings Bank and near the Williamsburg Bridge. The location is ideal for some stunning views of Manhattan.
Williamsburg has been a trendy hotspot in the city for a while, so it is no surprise that an ultra luxury spot will be gracing the once grimy and now edgy hipster enclave. Designed by Oppenheim Architecture, the new building will extend over 400 feet into the sky, but it will remain svelte with a 16-foot deep …

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Quest for the Perfect Pasta in the West Village

Despite the thin actress’s physique, Sarah Jessica Parker has begun a search for the best pasta in the city.
For ravioli, she has already found the place–Gradisca, in the West Village on 13th street between 6th and 7th. The actress told the New York Times that the eatery’s ravioli “is absolutely gorgeous. It is light as air. I always tell people to go visit Gradisca because I think it’s such a surprise.”
She’s also fond of the restaurant’s pasta carbonara, which she calls “beautiful” with its perfect balance of bacon, cheese, olive …

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New Luxury Development Hits Soho

On Wooster Street just south of Houston in the hip Soho neighborhood, a new condominium is taking shape. 139 Wooster Street is a six-story luxury development with a mixture of modern minimalist design and classical features that make it fit seamlessly with the neighborhood.
The development includes two penthouses on two levels with a spiral staircase in pure white connecting the floors. All apartments appear spacious thanks to the tall 11-foot ceilings and oversized windows facing east, which bring in a lot of light and the beautiful urban street view below.
Each …

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The High Line Refurbishment

NPR has broadcast a glowing story about the High Line park in Chelsea, including some very interesting and little-known facts about the place alongside historical photos that demonstrate just how much the park has changed the atmosphere of the neighborhood.
One such fact that blew me away was the figures; the park took over $100 million in private donations to renovate the space, which has probably increased the property values in the area enough to raise nearly half a billion dollars in property taxes for the city. Such an increase in …

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Chaos at the Hotel Chelsea


Working with a disreputable real estate broker can lead to lost money and even homelessness. In New York City, where real estate works unlike anywhere else in America, this is doubly the case, as residents at the Hotel Chelsea have discovered.
There is the potential for a lot of confusion in that sentence. Hotel? Residents? Yes, it is not uncommon in the nicer hotels for permanent residents to purchase a suite to live in or visit regularly. The Hotel Chelsea is a typical example. A grand and historic property, the hotel …

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Another Meatpacking District Transformation


In the past decade, the Meatpacking District has profoundly transformed, rendering its name more of a historical curiosity than an accurate description of a very hip and pricey neighborhood. The Meatpacking District, being alongside the Hudson and straddling Chelsea, has become a celebrity hotspot as well as home to several luxury condo developments.
A new development seems to be coming as well, and this time it’s not residential. Curbed is reporting that another warehouse in the “MePa” area (seriously, don’t call it that) is being torn down to make way for …

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Micro-micro Neighborhoods See Price Explosion

One of the things that confuses outsiders and recent transplants is the concept of the microneighborhood, which is a reality in New York City, especially Manhattan. On such a small island with such a dense and diverse population, it was almost inevitable that small groups would create their own communities with their own unique flavor, like Little Italy and Chinatown right next to each other.
Because these neighborhoods are so small and so close to each other, you will often see a completely different area just across the street, and walking …

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