Sleep No More Still Shocking in Chelsea

Sleep No More has been a huge hit in New York City for those in the know. Set in the fictional McKitterick Hotel, this exprimental play is theater with a twist–instead of the audience sitting still and observing the action, they must wander through the five stories of the large McKitterick Hotel, where they can explore to their hearts content. Different rooms are filled with children’s toys, old furniture, scrapbooks, cut up Bibles, and various other exotic and obscure regalia mostly from the early twentieth century.

The production company has taken over two abandoned buildings at the west end of Chelsea at 530 West 27th Street, which they have transformed into the spooky and dimly lit McKitterick Hotel, where we observe a largely wordless (but by no means silent!) rendition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in an erotic and intense display of acrobatics, choreographed vivant tableaux, and mysterious dancing, running, crying, laughing, and screaming as the actors run through the hotel, while you are free to follow them and observe what they do for as long as you like.

No two theatergoers will have the same experience, as they can go to any part of the hotel and are free to come and go as they please. This means no one is guaranteed to see everything there is to see, and it could take hours to experience the thrill of the play to its fullest.

Such experimental theater has become de rigeur in New York City, where theatergoers are difficult to please and performance standards are through the roof. Still, Sleep no More sets a new standard for experimental theater and has quickly become the talk of the town. With tickets still available, there is still a chance to experience one of the city’s most thrilling and exciting new cultural experiences.

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