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Sleep No More Still Shocking in Chelsea

Sleep No More has been a huge hit in New York City for those in the know. Set in the fictional McKitterick Hotel, this exprimental play is theater with a twist–instead of the audience sitting still and observing the action, they must wander through the five stories of the large McKitterick Hotel, where they can explore to their hearts content. Different rooms are filled with children’s toys, old furniture, scrapbooks, cut up Bibles, and various other exotic and obscure regalia mostly from the early twentieth century.
The production company has taken …

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The High Line Refurbishment

NPR has broadcast a glowing story about the High Line park in Chelsea, including some very interesting and little-known facts about the place alongside historical photos that demonstrate just how much the park has changed the atmosphere of the neighborhood.
One such fact that blew me away was the figures; the park took over $100 million in private donations to renovate the space, which has probably increased the property values in the area enough to raise nearly half a billion dollars in property taxes for the city. Such an increase in …

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Chaos at the Hotel Chelsea


Working with a disreputable real estate broker can lead to lost money and even homelessness. In New York City, where real estate works unlike anywhere else in America, this is doubly the case, as residents at the Hotel Chelsea have discovered.
There is the potential for a lot of confusion in that sentence. Hotel? Residents? Yes, it is not uncommon in the nicer hotels for permanent residents to purchase a suite to live in or visit regularly. The Hotel Chelsea is a typical example. A grand and historic property, the hotel …

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High Line Park already drawing more development?

I’ve already written about the developments on the west side of Manhattan. The newest park on the island is continuing to expand. High Line provides a lush walkway for amblers who want to wander up and down Soho and Chelsea while taking in views of the Hudson and the downtown skyline. It’s fast becoming one of my favorite spots in the city.
It seems that it’s becoming a favorite of developers, too. Curbed is reporting that a new development may be in the pipeline at 11th and 23rd street (the area pictured …

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