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Growing Chinese Investment in New York City

According to a new report from the New York Times this past week, Chinese banks are behind some major deals in the luxury real estate sector in New York City; contributing over one billion dollars in loans last year alone. These investors mean business and they’re working throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and beyond.
According to The Observer, “Mr. Hu represents the Chinese investors who have beat a steady march to iconic New York properties recently.”
But you won’t see much about Chinese investors in the media. They are strictly business. Managing director …

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A Tour of Current NYC Museum Exhibitions

For those looking for a cultural experience, there’s always a New York City museum that offers changing exhibitions to surprise and wow the visitor. New York City has some of the greatest museums in the world and they’re only a short distance from just about any neighborhood.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is easily one of the best known places to see a diverse display of artwork from all over the world. Sections in the museum include Asian, African, and British art amongst others. Currently, the museum is offering exhibits for …

Quintessential New Yorkers: Stephen Sondheim

Stephen Sondheim

No art form is more associated with New York than the Broadway musical. Blossoming on and around the Big Street a century ago, what we now call musical theatre began as a synthesis of traditions – European operetta, African-American jazz, and the predominantly Jewish and Irish ethnic humor of vaudeville. Musicals through the 1920s were dynamic but trivial. The following decade, certain innovators occasionally brought substance to the form, notably Oscar Hammerstein (Show Boat) and Marc Blitzstein (The Cradle Will Rock). The watershed Broadway event of the forties was Rodgers …

Five Great Farmer’s Markets

I’m a big fan of farmer’s markets. Not only is the produce cheap and fresh, but you can develop a personal relationship with the people who grow and harvest your food, and learn a lot about how the plants are cultivated while picking up some great recipes and cooking tips. NYC is lucky to be blessed with dozens of great farmer’s markets, and it has become trendy in the city (especially in Brooklyn, where space allows it) to try your hand at small urban gardening. This organic frenzy can be …

4,000 New Luxury Condos Currently Sit Vacant

The economy has been anything but kind to the world of New York real estate, and to the real estate market in general – but the shocking statistic above emphasizes just how bad things are. Though market reports have seemingly shown that things are on the upswing, Crain’s claims that currently, over 4,000 new luxury apartments are sitting vacant and unused here in New York City. Even worse, these units are in 138 condo buildings that owe the city a total of $3.8 million in back taxes. Interestingly, in a …

Out and About in NYC… The Adagio

After last week’s awesome visit to Columbus Circle and the Time Warner Center, I decided to check out buildings nearby today.  I was drawn to The Adagio, located at 243 West 60th Street, between Amsterdam and West End Avenue.  The wind made it tough to walk around, but seeing the Adagio made the struggle worth it.

From the outside, the building was absolutely gorgeous.  Smooth lines, very modern — it definitely gave me the sense that I was in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.
Developed by West End Development, the 9 story building …

Out and About in NYC… 265 West 122nd Street

After a rough start (noon spring-time showers reminding my coworkers and me of hurricane season), today ended up being absolutely beautiful.  A slight chill in the air to remind you it’s not quite yet summer, but the pounding hot sun to assure you that summer is just around the corner.  I decided today to check out a little bit higher on the Upper West Side, which led me straight to 265 West 122nd Street.
265 West 122nd Street, in the South Harlem neighborhood, is home to a condo building developed by …

Out and About in NYC… The Time Warner Center

This is the time of year that makes me happy to be a New Yorker.  The combination of sunshine and cool breeze equals perfection, and there’s nothing better than venturing outside to soak it in.  Today I headed to the Time Warner Center located in Columbus Circle for a fantastic setting for people-watching.
A huge, mixed-use, twin towered monstrosity constructed of glass, the Time Warner Center was completed in 2004, and consists of retail space, offices that include the headquarters of Time Warner, CNN TV studios, and 225 condominium apartments. Designed …

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