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Stylish Manhattan Retreats

Buying a condo on the Upper East Side?
What amenities are you looking for before you settle into your new condo?
Main residence or a metropolitan second home, everyone seems to be looking for the same things… convenience, class, and couture. Sometimes we want a penthouse with an interior that reminds us of our country homes, and other times we may be looking for a full floor residency that is the complete opposite of our Villa in St.Barts… Whatever the case somewhere in Manhattan is the perfect Condo or Co-op for everyone! …

Cornell University is Coming to Roosevelt Island

A new Cornell University campus has promised to be an economic jolt to New York City. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that the new campus will bring high-tech jobs to New York City and make the city more innovative and attractive to domestic and foreign investment.
Residents are largely mixed on the impact that the new campus will have on the city, but there is no doubt that it will transform a little known piece of the city. Roosevelt Island has been chosen as the spot for the …

The Changing Faces of 113 E. 90th Street


I have waxed lyrical about Upper East Side townhouses before. The area has preserved a number of classical, European-inspired homes from the pre-war and inter-war periods that have been cherished throughout the decades. It’s not unusual for these buildings to change shape and purpose over time, with each permutation being another chapter in the building’s history.
Developments at 113 E. 90th street have been particularly newsworthy, because the property had been the home of the Allan Stone Gallery for the past 16 years. The gallery had been a stunning space full of …

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